Heroic Crown Progress

Monday, March 23, 2009


If you find yourself here, you did one of two things:

1. Read my blog posts and decided to check how things were going, or
2. Googled something along the lines of "Sonnet Crown" and somehow ended up here.

The purpose of this blog is twofold: first, to help organize my thoughts and facilitate intrapersonal communication relating to my quest to complete a sonnet crown, and second, to allow others to observe this process, as everyone has a bit of a voyeur in them.

But before I get started properly, some Q&A:

What is a sonnet crown?

Great question. A sonnet crown is a long, extremely formal poetic form. I'm going to be trying to write what is known as a heroic crown, consisting of 14 sonnets, where the last line of one sonnet is the first line of the following sonnet; furthermore, there is a fifteenth sonnet made up of the first lines of the previous 14, hypothetically in order.

Why the *insert expletive here* are you doing this?

Well, on a basic level, I really love writing sonnets, and I really love challenges, so this project suits me perfectly. My poetry teacher told us about the sonnet crown, and jokingly suggested that we try writing one, and I've been thinking about it ever since. The other thing is, I feel like I may be able to accomplish this, although it is quite daunting, don't get me wrong. If you asked me to write 14 sonnets, no problem, I may even be able to write 14 really bad sonnets in as many days, or as many hours even, with a lot of tea, coffee and music to help inspire me. However, this is something entirely different: 14 sonnets all somehow connected, or at least connected through eachother, sharing lines and still managing to sound original.

What form will the blog posts be in?

Probably not a very readable one, to be honest. I may make sort of, project updates, or something? That'll probably be the only easily penetrable way information will be communicated here. You can expect brainstorming notes, one-line posts, single lines, out of order sonnets, in-progress sonnets, snippets of dialogue, etc. Be prepared to be utterly confused a lot.

Thanks for coming. Enjoy?

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