Heroic Crown Progress

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


my own little vacation

progress has been good to me

i don't like a few of the lines. this will happen more as i get closer.

so much tightening is needed

but it will be good

so sweet and warm

i'm already shaking

'minnesota' is coming along nicely as well.

Monday, March 30, 2009


things are moving too quickly
you will still see it happening

i'm losing strands of physicality
but i still have 7 sonnets left
this is good.

i'm going on my very own vacation

go here. do this

Friday, March 27, 2009


this is really happening happening

all you can do is dive

tried to say...

this thing is taking me over
it is me all of the time


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

progress update #1

i've gotten some stuff figured out:
-basic story
-major voltas
-things i want to try with form.



and he hands me a letter in the station
and he hands me a letter through a mailbox
and he
and he
and he
and he
and he
these are my days; always walking -- under
-- under the same noses -- with the same bag, and we
never fail to deliver; talking was
is not never a necessary part of mailbags:

and he will even say "it's morning,
and i'm back in the old dream one more time."

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


beginning and end are good places to start

skinned worn to protect you, for skin defines, yes?

yes, but even more so:
worn to become
nothing is more lonely than trying to become someone else

a not so relaxing vacation


trying to avoid influence from subtle. which, i mean...

thank you subtle for inspiration, and thank you for making amazing music.

contrast between last sonnet and previous 14 would be good; maybe in content, a sort of...
hyperbolic realism to contrast the sort-of dream world, the sort-of dream of ...

and me, sprawled out in the way of the sun.

Monday, March 23, 2009


came up with whole idea while exercising, bound to be insular

first 13 lines done, need to wait to finish first sonnet; i'm going to write the last one first, or at least the beginning of the last one.

betrayal? revenge? too passe`....

imagery is the key -- bizarre is the noose around your necks

luc must make an appearance. perhaps redemption? perhaps failure.

pride. oh, most certainly pride.

dreams are the best setting, anything's possible.

especially when reality and dream are not so far apart
in our falling asleep moments, not our waking moments, we find the things we grasp at,
that we'd die without.


If you find yourself here, you did one of two things:

1. Read my blog posts and decided to check how things were going, or
2. Googled something along the lines of "Sonnet Crown" and somehow ended up here.

The purpose of this blog is twofold: first, to help organize my thoughts and facilitate intrapersonal communication relating to my quest to complete a sonnet crown, and second, to allow others to observe this process, as everyone has a bit of a voyeur in them.

But before I get started properly, some Q&A:

What is a sonnet crown?

Great question. A sonnet crown is a long, extremely formal poetic form. I'm going to be trying to write what is known as a heroic crown, consisting of 14 sonnets, where the last line of one sonnet is the first line of the following sonnet; furthermore, there is a fifteenth sonnet made up of the first lines of the previous 14, hypothetically in order.

Why the *insert expletive here* are you doing this?

Well, on a basic level, I really love writing sonnets, and I really love challenges, so this project suits me perfectly. My poetry teacher told us about the sonnet crown, and jokingly suggested that we try writing one, and I've been thinking about it ever since. The other thing is, I feel like I may be able to accomplish this, although it is quite daunting, don't get me wrong. If you asked me to write 14 sonnets, no problem, I may even be able to write 14 really bad sonnets in as many days, or as many hours even, with a lot of tea, coffee and music to help inspire me. However, this is something entirely different: 14 sonnets all somehow connected, or at least connected through eachother, sharing lines and still managing to sound original.

What form will the blog posts be in?

Probably not a very readable one, to be honest. I may make sort of, project updates, or something? That'll probably be the only easily penetrable way information will be communicated here. You can expect brainstorming notes, one-line posts, single lines, out of order sonnets, in-progress sonnets, snippets of dialogue, etc. Be prepared to be utterly confused a lot.

Thanks for coming. Enjoy?